Once you can see any moisture indicators in your basement, it’s essential to determine where they come from. Check out the list below to know the reason behind that problem in your basement so that you’ll learn how to fix it. As much as possible, it’s best to get basement waterproofing Winchester VA service from the experts to keep these issues from happening: 

Foundation cracks  

When you can find foundation cracks, that’s one indicator that water will find them and use them to enter your basement. The water can sometimes be the reason why cracks occur.   

When the floor joists are not connected to the foundation walls properly, it will let the walls move. As a result, cracks will be formed. Because of poor drainage within the soil, water can make your foundations crack.   

Defective or missing downspouts and gutters  

The purpose of downspouts and gutters is to lead the rainwater far from your home’s foundation. When those downspouts and gutters end up improperly functioning or missing, rainwater will be guided towards your foundation. While the water drains to your property, it can amass in the soil around it. When the water accumulates all over your foundation, there’s a great possibility that it will reach within your basement.   

Poor grading  

Usually, groundwater or rain makes its way into basement s because of ineffective grading. The ground surrounding your foundation must be sloping away from the house and not towards it. When it drains in the wrong way, the water will gather against your foundation, which will make its way inside eventually.   

Most of the time, this occurs once the fill dirt surrounding the foundation is not compacted properly. Once the dirt settles, there will be changes to the slope. It causes the water to flow toward your home instead of away from it.   

Interior water leak  

This may appear to be obvious, but you must always inspect for inside leaks before you try to determine the cause of basement moisture. A water leak can emerge from different places. Some of these places include a bad pipe, a dishwasher, a washing machine, a toilet, a sink, or a shower. At times, an interior water leak could be the main culprit when the moisture within your is on the walls or ceiling beneath a kitchen or bathroom. To know whether something in that place is leaking, look for where the moisture is.   

Missing or poor sump pit and drain tile  

A lot of homes haven’t invested in a subsurface drainage system. When it comes to older homes, their basements were not made to be a habitable area. Hence, the home builders before thought that the under-the-floor drainage system was not necessary.   

Nowadays, many modern houses that have drainage systems usually experience issues with their system, which range from a broken sump pump, clogged pipe, a broken connection, and even more than that.